City Tour in Nepal

City tour in Nepal is best way to discover the previously and culturally rich Kathmandu valley as well as other cities of Nepal. Nepal's gigantic variety of people, rich culture and art as well as typical planning render it ideal as the most amazing and attractive destination for world legacy sites tour sightseeing in Nepal has been claimed as one of the best city tour destination among the tourists nation with all its different language, tradition and unique welcome of the people populated in the countryside. Nepal, therefore, known as one of the multi spiritual country which holds temples, monasteries and in un-countable number with variety of God and Goddess depict the deep faith of the people. Apart from these, Nepal has more to offer for our clients. The capital city of is Kathmandu which is well known as city of temples is rich in spiritual aspect. Buddhist and Hindus spiritual places are the main attraction inside Kathmandu valley. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two major religions of Nepal along with other several religions followed by the people from various ethnic groups. Nepal is had recognized temples, monasteries, palaces and complex townships to rival the technology of the world. Within a short minimize of Kathmandu UNESCO has designated seven World Heritage Sites. This is a country of intriguing mixtures of ethnic variety, nature, architecture, arts and cultures. The amazing and wonderful sight of the Himalayas, a variety of stunning scenery, all are beyond human imagination. Nepal has extensive fame in the world creature the birthplace of Buddha. If you have limited time and you wish to publicize yourself with Kathmandu. Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu valley with its around areas takes you very close to nature that charm sight of Nepal provide an logically information about its past history, art and building which turn us to the prehistoric age. The green hills which enclose the valley are other places of interest which offers sightseeing in Nepal and hiking walking options. As such, number of tourists from different corners of the world has been enrolling towards Nepal with a view to visit this stunning country.

City Tour Package in Nepal