Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Helicopter Tours in Nepal is glory for natural and attractiveness, picturesque views of various terrains from Himalaya to Terai where there are unlimited of scenic views, Nepal helicopter tours is only the ways to discover these scenic views, sole scenery, and snow capped high Himalayas within a short period. It is one of the great opportunities to the limited time and disabled people. An elevation ranges from 70m up to 8848m high Himalaya peaks with verities geographic landscapes give additional taste in your life. To visit near and to make a plenty of different interest of your choices are accessibility by arial trip. This will be a fully private tours where your dreams comes true in Himalayan country Nepal and it is not expensive than compare your country. Helicopter tours in Nepal means a Helicopter trip that you make for pleasure during which you visit many popular places according to your interest and comfort in Nepal.


The Nepal helicopter tours is comparatively a bit luxurious than normal trekking but you will have amazing experience within a short period. Nepal Helicopter Tours, going to remote corners of the Himalaya is not a problem for visitors. In fact, it is a pleasurable and exciting activity by helicopter. Since the whirlybird needs only a small landing space, it can be hired to take tourists to whichever destination and at whatever time they want to go. No wonder chartering a helicopter for sightseeing tours has become a popular tourist activities in Nepal. However, also we will arrange for rescue service up on mountain immediately for altitude sick, acute mountain sickness or people any accident in mountain while they walking. It offers amazing bird’s eye view of scenery, villages, lakes, snowcapped mountain, rivers, valleys, forest, glaciers, world heritage monuments and rice terraces in Nepal.


Cost for helicopter sightseeing tours in Nepal is USD$: 950 per person if you are four people and cost USD$: 940 per person if you are five people and capacity of only sightseeing helicopter is five people but of course we have big helicopter which is not nice because lots of noise during your sightseeing period.


Different Helicopter Trekking Area in Nepal

  • Everest Helicopter Tours
  • Annapurna Helicopter Tours
  • Langtang Helicopter Tours
  • Muktinath Helicopter Tours
  • Gosainkunda Helicopter Tours